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Vintage Wedding at Kotecki’s Grandview Grove in West Seneca, NY

A vintage theme in lavender and white was designed specially by Lipinoga Florist for this couple’s wedding which was held at Kotecki’s Grandview Grove in West Seneca, NY.  The bride carried an elegant cascade of mini calla lilies, lavender roses, lavender larkspur, stephanotis with crystal centers and accents of soft greenery.  The mothers wore corsages of miniature calla lilies with an iridescent lavender sheer bow.

West Seneca NY Wedding Flowerskotecki's grandview grove wedding in west seneca, NY

The bridesmaids carried a simple version of the bridal bouquet.  The maid of honor carried a bouquet with crystal centered stephanotis added to differentiate her from the bridesmaids and complement the bride.

kotecki's grandview grove wedding in west seneca, NYWest Seneca NY Wedding Flowers

The bride created a vintage theme at the reception and included centerpieces in lavender hues on the tables among a ensemble of decorative accents.

West Seneca NY Wedding FlowersWest Seneca NY Wedding Flowers

The head table centerpiece was made in a milk glass pedestal bowl and included draping greenery and lavender flowers.  Kotecki’s used lavender napkins on the tables to accent the flowers and create additional ambiance.

West Seneca NY Wedding FlowersWest Seneca NY Wedding Flowers

Each table centerpiece was made in a vintage milk glass container.  To create a personal touch for the reception centerpieces the couple chose to surround the flowers by photos, candles and rose petals inside a picture frame.

West Seneca NY Wedding FlowersWest Seneca NY Wedding Flowers

Peach Wedding Flowers at Glen Oak in Amherst, NY

This real Buffalo Wedding by Lipinoga Florist featured shades of peach, white and cream.  The soft hues and casually elegant blooms created a classic bridal look for a wedding at Glen Oak in Amherst, NY.

Real Buffalo Wedding FlowersReal Buffalo Wedding Flowers

The bridal bouquet was a very elegant mix in soft hues of white, ivory, green and peach.  The bridesmaids carried a simpler bouquet of peach gerbera daisies in two shades accented by green hydrangea.

glen oak (54)Centerpiece

The table centerpieces designed to match the bridesmaids bouquets were made in bubble bowls and tied with a green ribbon to complement.

Fragrant Wedding Flowers

When selecting flowers for your bridal bouquet, choose varieties which may offer a subtle perfume to follow you as you carry them throughout the day. Below are some of the most popular wedding flowers with a fragrance.




Roses are one of the most popular blooms of all time.  Their lush round bloom of many petals offers a subtle scent which will not overpower your day.  Roses are a wonderful choice for all types of arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres and are available in wide array of colors including, red, white, coral, peach, pink, hot pink, lavender, ivory, yellow, soft yellow, orange in wide variety of shades and variations.




Stock is a fragrant stalk like flower which features clusters of small blossoms on a tall stem.  Stock is beautiful in many types of arrangements and is classically elegant in bouquets.




One of the most popular bridal blooms, stephanotis is a small star shaped flower most popularly used in bridal bouquets and corsages.

Bells of Ireland (member of the mint family)



Even if you are not Irish, you will love the fresh scent of bells of Ireland(which is a member of the mint family).  Tall light green stalks hold small bell shaped leaf like flowers.  These are a beautiful flower for tall centerpieces or ceremony and reception flowers.

Fresh Lavender



This herb is becoming very popular in wedding flowers.  The well-known scent is a small soft purple blossom.  A wonderful accent flower, lavender looks especially great as an accent in a boutonniere.

Stargazer or Casablanca Lilies



This large flower also has a big fragrance.  Available in white and from light pink to deep burgundy, Stargazer and Casablanca lilies work beautifully as a focal point in large arrangements such as ceremony flowers or reception centerpieces.  In bouquets just a few blooms can make a big impact.



freesia (2)

Freesia are both delicate in their appearance and fragrance.  Available in white, yellow, pink, lavender, magenta, and orange, this small blossom has a subtle scent which will not overpower your bouquet.